Alma – the full package

Award-winning UK clinic applauds Alma's combination of leading technology and excellent practitioner support
Alma – the full package

“When starting your career, or your own clinic, you want to maximize the potential of each device, and hone your craft. With Alma, this is exactly what I did.”

Dr. Munir Somji, DrMedispa, Clinical Director
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Dr. Munir Somji, UK



Non-surgical, surgical and skin treatments


World-class aesthetic clinic

Launched in 2014 by Dr Munir Somji, Dr MediSpa was one of the first clinics to specialize in non-surgical, surgical and skin treatments under one roof. Dedicated to offering a truly bespoke service that is tailored to each client’s individual needs, the award-winning clinic employs the most effective methods to offer a wide range of specialist treatments, including skin rejuvenation, scar removal, body tightening and lifting, and more.

Today, there are three Dr MediSpa clinics in and around London, which count numerous celebrities among their clients.

The Alma element

Device-led growth

Dr Somji first encountered Alma in 2015, as he transitioned from being a single practitioner to opening his own clinic. Searching the internet for the ‘best laser hair removal machine’, he came across Soprano. He contacted the local Alma agent, who invited him to visit the Alma Innovation Center in London to learn about the devices in the Alma range.

Starting out with a Soprano, Dr Somji was soon treating hundreds of hair removal patients every month. From there, he decided to buy the multi-platform Harmony, designed to treat a wide number of indications. This helped him build his surgical and non-surgical practice, as he treated patients for skin conditions, pigmentation, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, rejuvenation. Then, wanting to expand his offering to include facial and body contouring, Dr Somji bought the Accent Prime.

In 2018, Dr MediSpa had grown so much that Dr Somji opened a second clinic, and then in 2020 a third, each equipped with a Soprano, Harmony and Accent Prime. Having a specialist interest in scarring, Dr Somji then purchased the Pixel CO2, which was soon followed by the Alma Hybrid.

Dr Somji has found that one huge advantage of Alma is that the devices have several safety settings and can therefore be used by a multi-disciplinary team, including therapists, aesthetic nurses and physicians. This is very useful for clinical flow, enabling more treatments to be performed with absolute safety, delivering consistent results for patients.

Another selling point is that, as well as meeting the demands of the aesthetics sector for machines that themselves look slick and sexy, Dr Somji has seen first-hand that, beneath the glossy exterior, lies the backing of an international company that treats is customers like family. This was made clear when one of the applicators on a device needed urgent repair, and Alma flew in an engineer the very next day so that the clinic could continue its treatment schedule uninterrupted.

The Impact

Accelerated success

Today, Dr MediSpa has 12 Alma machines – a huge increase since 2015 – which has accelerated the clinic’s success. The machines are proven to work, safe, and leading in their class. But more than that, Dr Somji appreciates the importance of the training and support provided by Alma. After all, even a great machine won’t deliver optimal results without educating the practitioner to provide the best treatment.

Accelerated success

In the clinic's own words

“With Alma, you have a giant on your side – in terms of innovation, market leadership, branding and promotional materials. This is golden in today’s market.”

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