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האקדמיה הבאה
אקדמיית אלמה ברצלונה
מגדל הייאט ריג'נסי ברצלונה

The Beauty of Knowledge, the Aesthetics of Fun

במהלך השנים האחרונות, אקדמיית אלמה איגדה רופאי עור מובילים, מנתחים אסתטיים וקוסמטיים וגינקולוג מכל העולם, לשלושה ימים של שיתוף ידע טרנספורמטיבי ואירועים בלעדיים.

מיומנויות להצלחה

Alma Academy הוקמה במטרה לחזק את כישורי הלקוחות שלנו ולספק את המשאבים היקרים להם הם זקוקים כדי להצליח. באמצעות הרצאות, פאנלים, מפגשי שאלות ותשובות, הדגמות חיות, דיונים אינטראקטיביים ומינגלינג ונטוורקינג ישנים וטובים, משותפים ידע, פרוטוקולים חדשים וממצאים קליניים. בקצה העסקי, דנים בתובנות שיווקיות, חולקים טיפים עסקיים ומוצגות הצעות מכירות בלעדיות.

אירוע גלובלי קרוב

אירוע גלובלי קרוב

אקדמיית אלמה ברצלונה

תאריך: מרץ, ו 1 - ב 4
שעות: מ 08:00 עד 00:00
כתובת: Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower, Gran Via, 144
מתכנן: מישל מילניק

שאלות נפוצות

  • Registration for the Alma Academy can be done online through the event website. Simply visit the registration page and follow the instructions provided. You will need to fill out a registration form with your personal information and select the appropriate registration type. Once the registration is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation email with further details.

  • The registration fee covers access to all sessions, live demonstrations, social events, as well as accommodation, transportation, and refreshments/meals during the congress. Flights and transportation from/to the airport are not included.

  • Yes, we have a range of social events planned throughout the congress. These events provide opportunities for attendees to connect with fellow professionals, have fun, and build valuable connections. Details about specific social events will be included in the Academy program & dedicated app – which will be released closer to the event date – and communicated through our official communication channels.

  • Yes, participants can request a certificate of attendance or participation. A few weeks prior to the Academy, you will receive an email requesting your details to add to the certificate.

  • The agenda for the congress will be available on our website and dedicated event app, which will be released closer to the event date. It will outline the timing of the different sessions, panel discussions, live demonstrations, and coffee breaks. Please refer to the agenda section on our website or app for detailed information about the timing and content of each session.

  • While we do not provide transportation from the airport, you can find information on local transportation options, such as taxis or rideshare services, that can take you from the airport to the event location on our app, which will be released shortly.

    We offer transportation services from the hotel to the social events only. Please visit the ‘Schedule’ section on our app for detailed information on shuttle schedules.

  • Onsite registration will not be available for this event. Please ensure you complete your registration online before the deadline to guarantee your participation.

  • The official language of the congress is English. All presentations and sessions will be conducted in English. We aim to create a multilingual environment whenever possible.

  • Simultaneous translation services will be available to accommodate attendees who prefer to listen to presentations and sessions in their preferred language. Details regarding the supported languages will be communicated on the event website.

  • The dress code for the event is business casual attire for the day. The dress code for social events will vary. We recommend checking the specific dress code instructions provided on the app, which will be released closer to the event date.

  • Yes, complimentary Wi-Fi will be available at the venue throughout the duration of the congress. Attendees will have access to high-speed internet connectivity, allowing them to stay connected, access online resources, and engage with event-related content. Login instructions and network details will be provided on the event app, which will be released closer to the event date.

  • Yes, we have developed a dedicated mobile app for the event. The mobile app will provide you with convenient access to the congress schedule, session details, speaker information, interactive maps, and other important updates. You will receive download instructions closer to the event date.