Regain Your Sexual Fulfillment with Alma DuoRegain Your Sexual Fulfillment with Alma Duo

Regain Your Sexual Fulfillment with Alma Duo

ספט 3, 2023

Regain Your Sexual Fulfillment with Alma Duo

A Safe, Non-Invasive Solution for Both Men and Women
Alma Duo product page imageIt affects millions of people around the world – the inability to enjoy sex. As we age, natural sexual responses are weakened leading to frustration during sexual acts. Questions like, “Am I unattractive to him/her?” and “Am I a good lover?” cross our minds while intimate. These thoughts create unease where there used to be spontaneity. Do not let self-doubt interrupt your pleasure, talk to your medical professional about how the Alma Duo Laser can help you regain the sexual fulfillment you have lost.
Assess Your Situation
Before beginning any type of treatment, it is crucial to have a forthright conversation with your healthcare provider. Discuss the source of your sexual discomfort – is it related to erections, desire, orgasms, or general satisfaction when having intercourse? Then, evaluate the severity of your problem and decide whether it is caused by declining vascular function.
The His and Hers Solution
Life does not always go according to plan. Even the most wonderful lovers can slow down over time which is why the Alma Duo laser offers treatments for both men and women. Both partners can rediscover sexual satisfaction together.
• For Him
A non-invasive treatment is applied to five specific areas of the penis; three perpendicular to its shaft and two at its base.
• For Her
Targeted surface treatment is applied to the left and right of the labia majora and above-center of the vagina.
By stimulating the sexual organ areas with focused low-intensity shock wave therapy, blood supply improves, restoring natural function. More blood flowing to sensitive areas equates to more intense feelings and satisfying experiences.
The Alma Duo Difference
Take control with Alma. In just three weeks you can renew the most important physical element of your sex life – blood flow! Over the course of six, 15-minute treatments with no pills, needles, or surgery the Alma Duo laser applies low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) in a pain-free therapy with zero recovery time.
The Alma Duo is a safe solution for sexual wellness as opposed to more radical options. It offers men significant relief from erectile dysfunction, is painless, is FDA-approved, and provides long-lasting results without pills. For women, the Alma Duo laser provides an effective opportunity to enhance sexual pleasure, unlike other non-medically approved creams and devices.

With the Alma Duo Laser, You Can Have It All…Especially in the Bedroom.
Discussing sexual wellness is important as we age. The Alma Duo’s non-invasive shock wave laser technology allows men and women to break through their discomfort and find real solutions to real problems. Do not let sexual discomfort and dysfunction control your life – take charge and talk to your medical professional about how improving vascular function can improve your sex life today.

The Best Professional Care with Alma
As the world constantly changes, Alma Laser Corp provides the utmost in patient care. Before, during, and after treatment, you can count on our tested technologies to ensure safe and effective results. Visit our website for more information about our entire line of innovative products and treatments.

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